Monday, August 11, 2008

Rain Fall

Title: Rain Fall
Author: Barry Eisler
Genre: Action/Suspense
Publisher: Signet
ISBN: 9780451209153

Rain Fall is the first in the series of assassin-extraordinaire, John Rain. From the very first “hit” to the last, the reader will be enthralled with this intelligent thriller.

John Rain is a specialized assassin – he eliminates his targets by making their demises look as if they died of natural causes. Rain is an outsider wherever he goes. Half-American and half-Japanese, Rain was ostracized from the time he was born. Having served in Vietnam with the American military, Rain later moved to Japan, disillusioned and haunted by the past. With the skills that made him an excellent soldier, Rain channeled those skills, along with a mastery of the martial arts, to become an extremely efficient assassin. Developing feelings for the daughter of one of his victims was not part of his plan, but when emotions get involved, the best laid plans get thrown out the window.

Rain Fall is a book that is nearly impossible to put down. Filled with twists and turns, amazing martial arts fight scenes and intelligent characters, this page-turner is a must read for action/suspense fans. I give Rain Fall my highest recommendation.

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